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Journal of Korean Society Quality Assurance Health Care 1997;3(2): 52.
Published online March 30, 1997.
간호전달 체계 개선 방안 - 일 병동을 중심으로 -
이진희, 이승애, 함용희, 양명주, 김옥선
울산 동강병원 간호부
Nursing Delivery System Improvement Plan in A Hospital
Jin-Hi Lee, Sung-Ae Lee, Yong-Hee Ham, Myong-Ju Yang, Ok-Sohn Kim
Department of Nursing, Ulsan Dong Kang Hospital
In many Nursing Delivery System, Nursing Department at D Hospital had used to traditional nursing practice model what is called functional activities based system. It has a lot of merit that carried out specialized and rapid works but tend to ignore indivisual professional responsibility and task-based work assignments. In addition this system showed high turnover rates due to heavy workload, timesum of handing over duties, lack of support from peers and interstaff communication. So we performed conversion of Nursing Delivery System to My Patients Nursing Care System for providing comprehensive nursing to patient and reducing turnover rates and increasing job satisfaction to nurse. Method : 1. 1st step(96.4.9): Detected the problem of Nursing delivery System and estabilished improving planning 2. 2nd step(96.4.26): Visited other hospital on job training 3. 3th step(96.4.29): Discussed to premonitoring problem after conversion Nursing Delivery System and prepared structure 4. 4th step(96.5.6): My Patients Nursing Care System practical application 5. 5th step(96.7.20): Held complementary meeting 6. 6th step(96. 7): The other ward application 7. 7th step(96. 10): Extended application to whole wards
1. Workload: (1) reduction(55.6%) (2) addition(44.4%) 2. Strong points after conversion: (1) decreased timesum of handing overduties (35.2%) (2) increased responsibility(33%) (3) broaden nurse's outlook to duties(14.8%) 3. Shortcoming after conversion: (1) understanding difficulties except my patient(57.8%) (2) weak teamwork(23.3%) (3) intensive stress to low grade nurse(12.2%) 4. Effective complemental way: (1) manpower(76.7%) (2) conversion of though (8.9%) (3) education(14.4%) 5. Patient's satisfaction: (1) satisfaction(64%) (2) no effect(36%) 6. Physician and peer's satisfaction: (1) satisfaction(12.5%) (2) dissatisfaction(21.6%) (3) no interest(44.3%) 7. Nurse's satisfaction: (1) satisfaction(74.7%) (2) dissatisfaction(5.5%) (3) unknown(20.5%) 8. Want to continued: (1) want(76.4%) (2) try to any other system(18%)
Even though Nursing Delivery System conversion still has many problem, we gained more merits than traditional nursing delivery system. So we suggest that My Patients Nursing Care System should be encouraged for comprehensive nursing care and satisfaction to nurses.
Key words Nursing Delivery System;Conversion;Satisfaction;


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